Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mahendra was right FNMA is up

Mahendra Sharma, a Vedic astrologer has accurately predicted many events. He predicted FNMA going up and the recovery of the real estate market in 2012. FNMA is up to .32 from .24 a week ago. It has a long way to go. FMCC will also do the same.
  For the next 3 years US stocks will do very well until 2015 when China will start to drag the markets down. Shortly after 2015-- like 2016 natural disasters will further preassure the markets.
  Silver will hit tripple digits and USA stocks will rocket to all time highs 32000 is mentioned for the DJIA. Tech stocks will also do well. The dollar and silver will move together for a while but oil will eventually reach $300 per barrel but the inflation will be outpaced by the market. We will not have hyperinflation but I do not recommend holding cash. Silver is the metal of choice because it will far outpace gold in growth.

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